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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Marketing and Advertising has launched a free, two-hour interactive ethical marketing and advertising course designed to help companies and other stakeholders apply the fundamental principles of the ICC Marketing Code. Created in conjunction with the ICC Academy and modeled on a program developed by international business school INSEAD, the course aims to provide participants with practical guidance on producing responsible marketing communications.

The ICC code was developed in broad consultation with industry and marketing experts and is the global gold standard for ethical communications. It is used by more than 35 countries worldwide to create self-regulatory marketing programs and is updated regularly. The e-course provides a grounding in ICC basics of responsible advertising, and offers case studies and best practices in online marketing and advertising.

Marketing communications touch many areas of business communications. In an increasingly global marketing environment, a harmonized global code of marketing communication practice helps to enhance consumer trust and reduce regulatory differences. In addition to helping build brand loyalty, marketing communications that adhere to the ICC’s ethical marketing standards can reduce compliance and reputational risk at the same time.